Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage

Post by emilikee123 »

Okay. I couldn't figure out how to make a poll so I'm just gonna ask.
Are you for gay marriage?
>not telling
I myself am completely for it. If someone is in love, they should be able to get married regardless of their gender. Besides, if someone doesn't like it, why should they get to say who someone can and cant love for the rest of their life?
Looking forward to hearing your opinions...
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Re: Gay Marriage

Post by Eoin_The_Irish_Khajiit »

I'm not for it. I'm not against gays or anything, even have some gay friends, But i'm old school traditional. I some what don't like it because marriage is a religious ceremony that intended for a man and women to have kids. and mostly don't like it because Gay rights groups pretty much just harass everyone not for Gay marriage. So until majority of the Gays rights groups and activists grow up and act civil, im not for it. I even have gay friends that are against gay marriage for those reasons lol.
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