Hi, I Will Be Going Under The Alias Of Snow Here.

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Hi, I Will Be Going Under The Alias Of Snow Here.

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Hello everyone,
   I just signed up a few minutes ago after some convincing from some family members. I will be going under the alias of Snow, as I am currently too shy and reclusive to reveal my actual name. A little bit of background information about me: I currently live in the United States (Pennsylvania) with my mother, father, and older brother. I am currently 16 years old. I'm gay, and have only told my mother and older brother. I play electric guitar, and video game a lot (too much!). As for my reason for joining: I am currently undergoing therapy sessions for my chemical depression and reclusive issues. I am also currently taking medication to help balance my mood (which isn't exactly helping much, hoping to switch it out soon!). You may be wondering why I classify my depression as "chemical", and to answer your question: I never had any traumatic experiences in my life, or any issues in my life that would make me feel the way I do. I am still searching for a reason for my depression, and hope I can at least find a minor stem of it to help lead to the full explanation. One last thing about me, I am currently somewhat involved in the "furry" fandom (which gets me a bad rep with others my age for some odd reason, plenty of stereotypes on the fandom). I used to be plenty more involved over the past couple years, but I have been through some parts of it that have changed my mind about a few things. Feel free to ask me anything! I'm not sure how common it is for someone to post a picture of themselves, but if requested, I will add one.
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Re: Hi, I Will Be Going Under The Alias Of Snow Here.

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Welcome to HT.
Perhaps trying to help some other people by responding to their posts instead of playing more video games may just be as rewarding since you said you game too much :)
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