Need Someone Else's Opinion Or Thoughts Please

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Need Someone Else's Opinion Or Thoughts Please

Post by Justliveurlife1505 »

Hey, so I was just wondering if I can get someone else opinion on something.

I just recently hung out with an ex of mine that I didn't talk to for a year. In that year he's changed quite a lot and now he started smoking pot(which doesn't bother me) its just that he's "out of reality". I hung out with him last week and it was great but it seems like his living is centred around getting high,I know he must of gone through a lot and started smoking because of it. Since we hung out he has told me he's got feelings for me and wants to start dating again. We text usually everyday and one day it'll seem he's into me but then the next couple days it seems like he doesn't want to talk to me and im the one texting him first.It confuses me cause I can't tell why he's so off and on, or could it be the pot smoking? I'm suppose to go hangout with him tomorrow night and I'm just wondering what someone else's opinion would be about him sending mixed signals so much. Thanks
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Re: Need Someone Else's Opinion Or Thoughts Please

Post by Jennag1313 »

Him smoking pot could have an influence on his decisions but I don't smoke pot. I could guess that when you smoke pot, it releases feelings you would be too scared to say if you weren't high. Just like if you were drunk. You say what you really feel and you're not afraid of the outcome because you are not in touch with reality. If you like him back, go for it.
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Re: Need Someone Else's Opinion Or Thoughts Please

Post by John8 »

He said he's got feelings for you but it seems that he only makes into you when he wanted to. Don't make things quick, make it slowly but surely. :)
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