Is it Assault?

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Is it Assault?

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It happened about 7-8 months ago when I was 15, and I've been having major anxiety about it ever since. It was around this time we got a new groom at the stable where I was riding, a very friendly, Hispanic, middle-aged man who would warm up burritos for everyone and greet all the riders as they drove in.
I always thought he was pretty nice, and reciprocated his amiability. However, after a certain amount of time, he began to make me rather uncomfortable. Every time he saw me he pulled me into a bone-crushing hug, which I passed off, assuming he was simply one of those people who was just overly friendly.
I can't remember too much of what happened after. I know there is much more than what I recall, that there was some new item to add to my list of things that made me want to sink into a hole everytime I went there, but I simply can't recall.
I remember dreading Wednesdays because I would arrive in the evening and no one would be there except him and probably one other rider. I remember him coming up behind me in the tack shed after my ride and hugging me and telling me how my butt was sweaty, his voice right in my ear. I remember him telling me, on many occasions, how good I looked that day, not bothering to hide the way his eyes ran up and down my body in a way that made me want to turn away in shame. I remember him getting me alone, inching closer and telling me how I had to come to his place some day and how we could go on a trail ride and see the wild burros. I remember how he would always ruffle my head so hard my pony tail would come undone and how mad it always made me and how it hurt. I know there more but to me it's utterly blank.
He's gone now, though there's always the possibility he'll come back to sub. I just don't know what happened. I'm so confused about everything, and what to make of it all.
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