The Right to Say, 'Good-Bye'!

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The Right to Say, 'Good-Bye'!

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The right to say, 'Good-Bye!'

This message is NOT about killing ourselves. It is about having the RIGHT to get people OUT of our lives that are causing us more harm than good. Far too many times in my life - there have been people that I felt stuck with. So-called 'friends' that did not care about ME at ALL. They cared about whether or not I cared about THEM. But that's not the same thing as THEM caring about ME. When I look back on my life - it almost amuses me how little some so-called 'friends' cared. They didn't even pretend to care. Sometimes I would be a smart-alec and say, "I'm fine thanks! Thanks for asking!", when they - once again - didn't bother to ask ME about ME! But they would never catch on. WHY? Because it wasn't in them to care. The role I played in their lives was to 'be there for them' so THEY could talk ABOUT themselves without looking like they were talking TO themselves. And of course - I took my 'job' seriously because I wanted to be the greatest friend they ever had.

Imagine... Investing all of that time and energy on working on a friendship that didn't even exist. I would say, "How are you doing? and basically just sit back and listen to THEM talk. Sometimes for HOURS. But why didn't I just leave? Why didn't I tell them to, 'get lost'? Because I was never told that I had any right to say 'good-bye'. That if the 'friendship' ended - it would because the other person ended it not because I did.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want YOU TO KNOW that YOU don't have to have people in your life who do NOT care about YOU. Maya Angelou [A famous poet] once said, "When people show you who they are - believe them the first time." DO NOT WASTE DAYS, MONTHS and YEARS of YOUR LIFE waiting for that uncaring someone to become someone that YOU need them to be. Because it will NEVER HAPPEN. Say 'Good-Bye' and find someone better.

Craig! :)
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