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Hello! :)

I hope you're OK.

The Bible tells us that, "the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains". What does that mean to YOU? To ME... that's one of those basic TRUTHS. It's something that 'works' not just for those who believe in God but for everyone. This is why evil men flourish. An evil man who has faith can move many mountains. Hitler was a man of great faith.

We can have faith in many different things. Sadly, many of us have faith [Which means to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something] in an IDEA that keeps us from realizing our full and true potential. Something negative that we have come to believe about ourselves. Perhaps a bully's words have become part of our identity. Or maybe we were raised in a dysfunctional environment and were surrounded by people who always looked for the worst in others. Wherever it came from - our FAITH in a destructive IDEA has served no other purpose than to hold us back. And that's sad.

But we can do something about that. We can choose what we have FAITH in. Some people find great comfort in having faith in God. While others focus more specifically on the 'power of positive thinking'. Whatever it is - do NOT ASSUME that life cannot get better for you. Do NOT ASSUME that how your life has been up to now is a blueprint for how your life has to be in the future. DECIDE to have FAITH in something or someone that will empower you and lift you UP. Have FAITH in all that is GOOD!

Craig! :)

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