Do You Stick Up For People Who Are Bullied?

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Re: Do You Stick Up For People Who Are Bullied?

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somtime i just want to beat their ass and show them who is boss, i know police grade takedowns and pressure points that could stop the blood flow to someones brain, but i dont use them. i know karate but i can easily beat those bullies who are wrestlers and who think they are so tough. i had this friend nik, he got blamed for fighting because the guy who was wailing on nik had more friends so everyone took his side. nik could have easily thrown the guy down the hall but he controlled himself. although nik and i tested our skills (him, wrestling, me karate) on each other. neither of us lost, he grabbed my leg and attempted to flip me as i tried to keep my balance and fight him of off. neither of us fell, lol, i guess our skills were evenly matched



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Re: Do You Stick Up For People Who Are Bullied?

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Yes I do, as having been bullied myself I think its important to stick up for people who are being bullied.
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Re: Do You Stick Up For People Who Are Bullied?

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I ALWAYS do. At my school, no one cares. So if the students don't, who will? But I believe that bullying starts with the family. Raise your children to respect others, and it will disappear with our generation.
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