First Stop For All New Members

Are you new to Feel free to stop in here and introduce yourself! Have a question that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else? Post it here.
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First Stop For All New Members

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Hello all new Members to the large Helping Teen Family.

Here are a few links along with some common questions to get you started on your way in our family:

The HelpingTeens Rules

Before you begin posting on HelpingTeens, please read through the rules.

Several users overlook this and end up getting in trouble over nothing.


Here you will find some of the most common questions asked about the site.

Other possible questions you may have:

1.I want to change my member name, how do I do that?

To have your user name changed you need to contact one of the Admins through a pm (Personal Message).

A list of the Admins can be found Here.

Remember to include the new user name you would like to have in the Pm.

2.Why does it seem like my topics are overlooked/Why do my topics get less replies then others?

Some users may not know what advice to give you, and therefore may not respond to your topic.

If this happens please read through your topic and make sure users can understand it. Some users also do not like to respond or read through posts that have TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, or posts with internet lingo such as: (Wut, W3rd, Dis, lyk)

3.Why does it seem like the mods are jumping down my throat when I've only just got here?

The job of the moderators is to enforce the rules. If a moderator edits your introduction post, or any other post you may make do not assume they are picking on you. They are just simply doing their job to help this site run smoothly as possible. If you see that your post has been edited and have questions about the other rules on the site, please pm a moderator and ask for help.

4.Why does my Post count only change after I post in certian forums?

The following forums do not raise your post count:


-Social Fascinations

-Self Expression


5.I did somthing stupid, and got warned for it. When will my warning level go down?

Your warning level will only go back down to normal once you have a full warning level (100%) and have finshed up your ban. Remeber to read the rules carefully in EVERY forum to make sure you don't have to worry about getting warned/banned.

(Moderators feel free to edit this post to add more common questions/answers about the site)
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Re: First Stop For All New Members

Post by Ranana_saky »

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