Hope This Reaching Someone

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Hope This Reaching Someone

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Our minds our thoughts are powerful tools. If you think of it, it will come into existence!

Hears a couple poems i just finished...



Open your mind

Set yourself free for the clutches of society

Life free with every opportunity


Open your heart

Embrace the hearts of those around you

And become as strong as a tree


Release all the pain from within your body

Be at peace with everything around you.

We are one and yet we are none.

Without you we couldn’t be the people we are today.

(written while listening to: Ed Alleyne-Johnson -– Violet)[/center]


[center]I Feel

Yes I Feel

The sadness that consumes you

The anger that fuels you

The pain that controls you

I Hear.

Yes I hear the happiness crying out

The desire struggle

The passion that resided deep within, crying

Embrace me, love me, consume me…

Release me from the chains that you have bound me by

Love me for who I am and not what others say I should be

Care for me, for I am all that you need.

I shall burden the misfortune that the world has placed in your path

With this you shall be free

Free to live a life of pure dignity

Without fear of rejection

Without sadness or pain

Let me be your strength and tranquility.

For I am you and you are me.

Together we shall me free.

(written while listening to Ed Alleyne-Johnson – Yellow)

NavyNate [center]"The soft overcomes the hard,

The yielding overcomes the strong;

Every person knows this,

But no one can practice it."
-Tao Te Ching[/center]
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