Hello Again

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Hello Again

Post by Michie »

Hi Guys,

It seems like I took a hiatus from this site for...eight years (holy ---!). So, actually, I'm not a teenager - I'm 25. I hope I can still hang out here though! I don't know if anyone from back then (2004) are still around, but give me a shout if you are!

I figured that it might be helpful, for me, to come back on the site and just, well, I don't know...lounge? You guys were helpful for me back in my last year of high school. And while I had my stuff to deal with then, I guess I left because I got focused on school stuff, and then just distracted myself with other things (like television).

Anyway, I got some of my life somewhat in order, although it took a while...and I'm not in my last year of an undergrad degree at university (yay!) but also struggling a whole lot in my last month of school (Boo!) - I have major papers that are overdue and I have had trouble getting work done, and professors, I think, are not too happy about that.

Anyway, I felt pretty lousy these past few days and today felt nostalgic (and depressed) and decided I wanted to read all my old depressing and anxious posts from many years ago. But instead of finding just depressing vents from back then, I found another post that someone made here, long ago, that really cheered me up. And I thank you guys for it, even if you have no idea what that post was.

So, I'm back in the hopes that I can get through whatever school and mental stuff I need to get through, and then, if I have time and stuff, I'll look around and try to answer a post here and there if I feel I can be helpful to someone.


-Michie, aka Steph
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Re: Hello Again

Post by OverDrive »

Hi Steph, I remember you. Welcome back. I'm glad there was something here that cheered you up <img src='http://www.helpingteens.org/groups/publ ... /smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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