New And Needing Support

Are you new to Feel free to stop in here and introduce yourself! Have a question that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else? Post it here.
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New And Needing Support

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I am new here. I joined because my therapist said it would be good for me to join so I have a place to go to talk to people when I can not get in to see her. I just lost a friend who was more like a brother or my own child. I have been abused and live with depression and psychosis daily panic attacks and fleabites. I am sort of a loner on the outside world because I feel my issues make me a freak of some sort or that people will shun me because of the things I deal with. I am really looking for people who understand me and that I can relate to and they can relate to me. Hope this is the place I can find that.
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Re: New And Needing Support

Post by Michie »

Hey Kate,

I hope those of us in the forum will be able to help you! A lot of us have different experiences, so it is good that we can share our bad, and our good things. I find it tough sometimes to have a therapy appointment only once a week, because the rest of the time we are alone with our thoughts and our problems.
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