Hi, My Name Is April!

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Hi, My Name Is April!

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Hey everyone, my name is April and I'm pretty much new here. I hope that I can meet someone who is like me, being as I'm pretty much isolated all the time. I've been struggling with depression ever since I was nine or ten years old. (It all started when I began to feel ugly and extremely self-concious) I hope that I make some friends here. Anyway...some other things about me...I'm fifteen years old and I'm a really big fan of Jack Off Jill and other "riot grrrl" bands. I also love Metallica, they've been my favorite band ever since I was really little. I love music, pretty much....I also love reading. I mainly read either horror novels or YA fiction that isn't suck-ish and/or fake. I read all the time. (I absolutely hate romance novels, though. Don't even try to get me to touch one of those.) I also write alot of poetry and I draw a lot, too. I might actually end up posting some of my work here, though right now it seems kind of unlikely that I will, because my work is, um, really personal. Anyway, I hope that people will be accepting of me here...I've been a member on a couple of other forums before, and I haven't exactly gotten the best treatment at those places. (Don't ask me why because I have no clue. I've been nothing but nice to people.) I've also been on a lot of support forums that I left because they weren't really a good fit. So...I'm gonna go surf through some other boards now, try to make some friends around here. See ya!
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Re: Hi, My Name Is April!

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Hi April,

Welcome to HT!

I know we'll be very accepting of you here, and hopefully enough that you will share some of your work here. You can also be sure that any posts that are in any of the Well-being section are not indexed by Google or any other search engine.
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