Hi, My Name's Malcolm

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Hi, My Name's Malcolm

Post by MalcolmVanceNBK »

Hey everybody, I just kinda wanted to post this thread since I'm new to this site. I came across this site because I've been having lots of problems lately, and I really don't have anybody else to turn to, so I'm trying out a teen support forum for help. I'm kind of new to this thing so I don't really know what exactly to say, lol.
I don't really wanna go on about why I'm on here, but if you'd like to know more, you can message me. 
I hate to sound so desperate, but this is kind of my last resort right now, so I'm really hoping that there are people on here that I can talk to and feel some support. I'm not that much of a talkative person, and I don't really like to go on about myself that much, but I'm open to questions
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Re: Hi, My Name's Malcolm

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Welcome to HT.
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Re: Hi, My Name's Malcolm

Post by Jakob »

Happy to welcome you here.
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