Crush Is Suddenly Starting To Be Mean :(

Have a major crush on that special girl but she doesn't like you in the least? Are you in love with a guy who doesn't even notice you? Whatever it might be, ask here. We'll give you some advice.

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Crush Is Suddenly Starting To Be Mean :(

Post by Pal_p »

My crush and I are both in highschool. Going to our second year. During first semester this past year, we had science together. I helped him pass science and because of that we got really close. We told each other a lot about our selves and became really good friends. He knew I liked him the whole time though, because my friends told him. Anyhow, he used to joke around with me and stuff and things were going great! This kid was annoying me and my crush noticed so he started talking to the kid as a way to get him to stop bothering me . We were really good friends. Time went by and I decided to confess how I felt. I messaged him ( it was weird speaking in person so we always messaged ). I said," hey, I know that you're aware that I like you and it's okay if you don't like me back. I don't want stuff to be awkward so can we just stay friends ? " he said sure and our friendship continued.
We joked around with each other and all was good. On exam day, me messaged me saying thanks for teaching him. After that we didn't talk to each other as he didnt come online . Second semester started an he started coming online. We had geo and math together this semester . He didnt need my help with those. Anyways, he started becoming meaner and more full of himself. If I asked a question he would act like the answer was obvious and would try to give cold answers or try to act really smart. It's hard to explain but he came off as being egoistic. He started getting into the popular crowd and stuff. I decided I had to get over him so my friend told him I didn't like him any more.
After that he was much nicer towards me. A month ago, for one of our projects, we had to decide a band and a song from that band . The band had to have songs that promoted good messages. I listed my three favorite bands and asked them if they were okay. He knew two of the three. The third one he didn't know so I told him they were really good and how much I love their songs and stuff and he said he'd listen to them. Semester 2 was coming to an end and he realized I still liked him or thought that I did since I didn't give off any hints. He continued being rude and replying with cold answers but he would become randomly nice at times as well. It's just not like first semester though. I really don't understand why he's acting like this. It's really confusing. My best friend is friends with him and she told me that I'm the first girl to ever like him and tell him that. I like him so he's just nervous cause he doesn't know how to react. I don't think that's it though. I don't think someone would act all nice then act cold and then be nice and cold at the same time. I don't get it . Why is he acting this way?
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Re: Crush Is Suddenly Starting To Be Mean :(

Post by Jennag1313 »

Some times guy's don't know what they want. Usually a guy becomes popular and forgets who he truely is. He starts acting like a jock and only uses a girl when he needs her for something. Now all this is my opinion but from my own experience, it's better to completely get over him. You can hope they change into who you want them to be but it usually doesn't happen. I'm sorry if this isn't much help to you. I hope you find someone really special who won't act like a jerk to you sometimes
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Re: Crush Is Suddenly Starting To Be Mean :(

Post by John8 »

I agree with Jennag.

Get over him.
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