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Link Exchange

The HelpingTeens.org link exchange is similar to our sponsors page with regard to the fact that each of the sites that link to HelpingTeens.org is in essence helping us in our mission to help teenagers in need of guidance and/or support.

We realize that there are a lot of other sites that share our mission and this is an attempt to further traffic to their sites while benefiting HelpingTeens in the process. Put more simply, there is strength in numbers. The eventual goal of the link exchange will be to provide a diverse list (a help network if you will) of help sites that teenagers can utilize to their advantage.

Join the HelpingTeens Link Exchange.

Web Link Teenage Runaways
Stories, articles and advice about running away, from those who do it and those who worry.
Web Link Craig’s Page
A site to help guys of ALL ages and of ALL orientations [whatever that may be] to FEEL better about themselves!! :o) Take part and share with ME your thoughts and feelings. WE NEED EACH OTHER!! Silence is NOT ‘golden’. [not HERE – at least] Silence just makes us feel ALONE. Speak UP and be HEARD!! What YOU think and feel really DOES matter!
Web Link TouchingMinds
TouchingMinds.org is a support and awareness community for all those effected by depressive illnesses, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Combing live chat, and user feedback, support groups, and peer support communities, TouchingMinds.org is quickly gaining popularity. TouchingMinds.org prides itself on providing a safe haven for depression, bipolar and anxiety suffers.
Web Link Psych Central
Psych Central is the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network created and run by mental health professionals to guarantee reliable, trusted information and support communities to consumers, for over 12 years. We are today’s modern voice for mental health information and advocacy and have the broadest online reach and recognition of any mental health network online today.
Web Link Vulvar Care
Female health information discussing guidelines for vulvar skin care. Get general vulvar care tips for maintaining a healthy vulva and vagina and reducing the risk of vaginal infections.
Web Link Happytipz
Happytipz provides guides and daily tips on how to be happy.
Web Link Teens! Improve Your Life
TEENS! IMPROVE YOUR LIFE – With videos, articles,and more! Plus excerpts from the acclaimed book, Teens! Improve Your Life – Don’t Overlook The Obvious! Check it out!
Web Link The Teen Centre
We are a forum designed to help teens in need. The bulk of our help and advice deals with puberty and sexuality during the teen years but we try to offer help on a range of topics.