Chat Server Rules

By making use of the chat server and any service provided from this point on, you agree that you have read and agreed to these rules that govern the Chat Server. If you do not or cannot agree to these rules & regulations, you are expected to leave at this moment.

The Staff/Mentors are volunteers and DO NOT have to be here to help. All ban durations (channel bans and server-side bans) are at the discretion of the chat administration and chat staff and are NOT subject to standardizing based on the offense. Any threats of violence or acts of violence are taken seriously and will be reported to the proper authorities.
Official Channels:

#teenadvice - Main Help Channel

  1. There WILL BE NO Disrespect to others including but not limited to: Chatters, Mentors, IRC Operators, or anyone on this network. You must be courteous to others and not poke fun at anyone in the channel for any problem that they may be having.
  2. There will be no name calling, OP begging, pestering, or being a general nuisance (such as mimicing server commands, responses, mocking OPs or other users, and many other things). If you are being harrassed by a member, FIRST put them on ignore. If they find a way to get around the ignore, please contact an Administrator so that they can take action.
  3. Swearing is permitted. Avoid using profanity towards other people and/or their beliefs. We could create censors on any word you could think of, but we do not because we believe in your rights to express yourself in any form that you choose. HOWEVER, this does not mean that you can abuse these rights because you can get away with it. You have the freedom to use profanity in your sentences, but try to have a little class.
  4. Excessive CAPS in a message will earn you a ban. CAPS are only are entitled for SHOUTING. Keep the amount of words in CAPS to a minimum. If you are trying to shout the entire message, please do not capitalize all your words, please use actions: /me shouts (your message).
  5. No cyber sex is allowed. Some flirting is allowed however you may not make sexual advances. You may say things like "your smile is so warm it could melt a radiator." Disciplinary action will be taken for reported sexual advances. THIS INCLUDES OPS, ADMINS, AND USERS.
  6. There will be NO religious talk in #teenadvice. It is too controversial and offensive to many users. To keep the peace, religion talk has been DISALLOWED.
  7. If you are not on staff you do not have the right to mentor teens in PRIVATE CHATS, but it is allowed in the main channel. DO NOT GO TO PRIVATE MESSAGES. This is to prevent bad or wrong advice given to those in need. ANY USER can help ANYONE but ONLY in the main channel #teenadvice.
  8. In all official channels, only the language of English will be used. All other languages, other than English, are not allowed.
  9. "Computer" is a computer, not a person. It answers to !seen (nickname). This will show the last quit message the nickname had. DO NOT USE IT ON YOURSELF (!seen your_nickname), do NOT do a !seen on anyone currently in the chat, do NOT do a !seen on any fake names for fun, do NOT do a !seen on Computer (!seen Computer). If we see you are doing this consistently, a lengthy ban will occur.
  10. URL's are allowed to be posted in the chat. Please keep in mind the nature of this chat, being HelpingTeens. Do not post any URL's with questionable content (be it porn or triggering stuff).
  11. Spamming and flooding are not allowed. Spamming is the posting of the same URL too many times per day/week (such as your personal homepage or picture page), using mIRC scripts that advertise MP3 songs you are listening to, advertising a URL for "hits", saying stuff like "asdlfkahalsdjg;lasdf" in the chat, and the like. Flooding is sending 5 lines of text or more within a period of time. The period is reset after 4 seconds of inactivity.
  12. Any and all messages that can be interpreted by the administration as having malicious intent towards the community, it's members, it's staff and/or the general well-being of the site, will have consequences.
  13. Please keep all graphical descriptions of self-mutilation or other unnecessary detailed descriptions of triggering material to yourself.

These rules can change at any time without prior notice as the need arises. Please, to prevent any confusion, check the rules every so often. We are here to help, not discipline, but we will if and when it becomes necessary. If you have any problems, e-mail us through the Feedback form. The Chat Server is a service we provide free of charge and as such we have several areas of the chat server under 24/7 logging. Logging means that every word said is recorded for our own records. All conversations in official network channels are logged, as is your IP address, and hostname. Your IP is your current computer's "address" on the Internet and your hostname is what the IP address resolves to in words. This is purely for security reasons. Your PM's in the chat are also logged, and potentially monitored in realtime by Administrators.

Thank you for understanding.