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Of Course There Is Something Wrong With You.

by | Mar 1, 2005 | General Health

Hi Everyone!! I hope you’re feeling good.

You know what?

Of COURSE there is something ‘wrong’ with you. You ARE human – after all.

I am often surprised at just how often someone will leave a session with a councilor, psychologist or some other person of the like, and bind themselves with a NEW LABEL of what’s ‘wrong’ with them.

“I have been diagnosed as a <insert diagnosis here>” Well, of course you have been. Why should THAT be surprising? It’s their JOB to diagnose you. It’s not likely that a councilor or psychologist is going to say, “I can not find anything wrong with you.” In fact, would you not feel as if they had FAILED you if they did NOT give you a name to call the issue that you are struggling with? We all WANT a reason to explain our behavior or how we are feeling. “I’m not just a human being trying to deal with life, but I’ve got THIS problem or THAT problem, and I know because the my doctor told me so.”

Why am I saying this?

Is it possible that you DO have a specific problem that CAN be labeled as one thing or another? YES, of course, but keep in mind that a councilor, psychologist, or whoever you go to see is ALSO ‘just human’, and HUMANS make MISTAKES no matter how educated they may be. So no matter what someone may tell you, always take it for what it is, AN OPINION. Could it be the right ‘opinion’? Sure, maybe, but it’s STILL JUST AN OPINION.

If someone does diagnose you as having something – don’t just accept it and do nothing. Find out if YOU AGREE with that diagnoses, look into it. Do a search on the net to see if that diagnoses ‘feels right’, get a second opinion from another professional, but do something to see if that diagnoses ‘fits’ with whatever YOU are dealing with. You have an opinion too don’t forget.

One thing that age has taught me is that we are responsible for our OWN lives, for our physical and mental health. Sure, there are exceptions but there are always exceptions. Maybe you do have a problem that is ‘out of your hands’. For most of us, it would be a mistake to just throw your arms up in the air whenever someone diagnoses you, and leave it at that. Take an active roll in your own life. If you have a problem (and we ALL have problems) try to do something about it. Don’t just hand your life over to someone else and let THEM try to ‘fix’ you. If you agree with a councilor or psychologist’s diagnoses, then work WITH them. If you do not agree, try to think it through logically. Try to find out WHY you think that perhaps the diagnoses was incorrect.

Never forget that we ALL share at least some of the tell-tale ‘signs’ of most labels. Have you ever read a medical diagnoses book? Well, if you haven’t then believe me, you can end up scaring yourself silly. You look up a ‘symptom’ like ‘being tired’ and the diagnoses is everything from not getting enough vitamin C to having a ‘brain tumor’; see that I mean?

And what if the diagnoses is right? So what if it is? That doesn’t mean suddenly YOU have turned into some sort of ‘monster’, it just means that maybe now you can try to do something about your problem. You can work WITH those who are trying to direct you onto a path that will help you feel better. That’s good, isn’t it? YES, it sure is!!



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