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“I Wish I Never Did That!” A Warning About Drinking.

by | Nov 13, 2003 | Drugs/Alcohol

One day my friends asked me if I wanted a beer and I accepted and that is were everything started to go wrong. One beer lead to another, I started skipping school, hanging out with friends and drinking a lot more. I was not spending time with my family, and I always was getting into trouble for something. I tried to stop but drinking was just addictive; I wanted some alcohol to drink every night. One day I started falling in love with this guy and for that point in my life, it was all wrong as we both liked drinking. Drinking became more of an obsession now. I tried very hard to stop. My parents knew something was wrong but they couldn’t stop me and nobody else could either. My boyfriend knew how bad I was getting so he made me finally stop by giving me an ultimatum. Since I wanted to be with him so much, he knew that if he told me that if I didn’t stop drinking, I wouldn’t be able to see him. I gradually stopped drinking and now I am depressed because of my drinking habit, but my life is a lot better than it was when I was a drinker. There were things I thought that were so good for me but in reality they weren’t. I stopped thinking for my self and let the alcohol think for me. Now I am back on track; I play sports, hang out with friends but I don’t drink and I know that if I started to drink again I would become addicted again. I haven’t had another drink since even though I wanted to.

I know that people like you like to drink and that you think that it makes life better, but in reality it doesn’t. Soon your life will crumble and fall and there will be no way to get out!!! So please stop drinking.

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