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“Waiting for Sex” – What Does Sex Mean To You?

by | Sep 27, 2003 | Sex, Sexuality & Pregnancy

Sex IS a big deal; at least it should be, the first time especially. There is no handbook for teens like us that says how old we should be, where to do it, who to do it with, or anything like that. It is something we all have to deal with and figure out ourselves. It’s a tough thing to figure out for some of us, and we’re all confused enough with everything else we have to deal with, but it happens how we let it happen, most of the time. This article is in NO WAY preaching to anyone to NOT have sex and I am in NO WAY telling people what is right or wrong. I am simply stating one way to go. It happens to be the way I’m going with my life right now, but I have nothing against people who choose different ways!

To some people, sex is just a THING that happens with other people for pleasure. Well, that certainly IS part of it if you ask me, but it also goes so much deeper. Sex can be very, very pleasuring, exciting, and fun and at the same time it’s taking a big risk and both parties involved in the act of sex should understand the things that could result from having sex.

One result is that sex can change whatever kind of relationship the two people had prior to the incident. If two people are a couple who are “in love” or what they think of as love, then depending on the people, they could just change emotionally. If the two people are just best friends or close friends and they have sex, one may become more emotionally attached to the other than they were prior, and the whole “friends” thing can turn into friends with benefits which can mess up a friendship.

Another thing that can be risked when having sex is pregnancy. I think that before two people have sex, they should research and understand what is being risked when having sex. They need to be willing to deal with the consequences and be mature enough to handle them. Personally, I don’t feel like I want to deal with having a child or even worrying about it; spending tons of time worrying myself and my partner if whether or not I could be pregnant.

STD’s are another possible risk, among many others. Those are just a few things, too. There are tons of things depending on what you think about or how you look at sex. The choice to have sex or not is an individual thing and nobody can really make you change your mind. I just happen to think it’s a good idea for me at least, to wait for sex until I know I am mature enough to handle what could happen as a result. And until I have enough time and money to deal with stuff too!

I feel like, “Why should I risk all of these things by having sex when there are other ways to show my partner that I love him?” There are “sexual things” couples can do without actually having SEX. They can show their love through intercourse, through words, through the time they spend together, through oral sex, and lots more. If you think about it, sex brings orgasm and that is THE PLEASURE you get from sex. You and your partner can do things other than sex and still reach orgasm if these things are done the right way. It’s the same, but different. Just something to think about!

Make your choice about having sex or not, even if you already started you can stop whenever you like (if you want to), and stick with what you decide! The choice is always yours. I have made mine and I feel that it’s right for now. My mind will change eventually I know, but this is the road I’ve chosen for now!

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