Rules For Chat Staff & Administrators

  1. All private messages between you and anyone else SHOULD BE CONFIDENTIAL between you and the recipient. Only the administrators can ask for the log, and when they do, you must send the log to them immediately.
  2. Link any nicknames you use on a regular basis to your main nickname. Use this command on UNREGISTERED NICKNAMES to link them: /ns link nickname
  3. You must stay in #staff when you are in #teenadvice. If you get kick-banned for some reason, the command to unban yourself would be /cs unban #staff your_nickname
  4. Do not kick people for fun. Always for a reason and always kick with a valid reason.
  5. Do not kick people for private message problems. Use /ignore <user> instead. The only exception to this rule is if more than 2 people complain about the same user bugging them in private messages. Then u can kick them or even better tell an Administrator so that we can remove them from the server.
  6. In the order of: warn, kick, kick-ban, alert an admin; Deal with troublemakers.
  7. You are there to keep the peace and help users. You are not above users and must obey ALL CHAT RULES
  8. If you as a mentor break the rules, we will review each case individually and if it’s not too severe, let you off with a warning. If it requires dicipline, you will be banned from the chat server (akill) for 2 days. Each additional infraction will cause the chat server ban (akill) time to double. After 4 bans your ban will be 16 days (2, 4, 8, 16). Because you are required to be here a few hours a week, at the 4th ban mark you will be let go from chat staff.

OverDrive (OD), Fizzbaw, and four are the Administrators.

Channel Operator & Mode Commands

Please note that typing a minus sign “-” in place of the plus sign “+” reversed the command…i.e. +m moderates the channel, and -m de-moderates the channel.

  • <double click somewhere in the channel but not on a nickname> – Brings up your channel control screen. This is where you have control of setting the different modes for the channel such as the ‘moderative’ mode. You will also have the ability to change the topic and unban people from the list by highlighting (clicking) on 1 or more (holding the CTRL button). ONLY unban your own bans (to which you can see who set the ban in that same window).
  • /cs op #teenadvice <your_nickname> – if you ever de-op yourself, you may re-op yourself using this command.
  • /mode #teenadvice +m – Set the channel mode to moderate. This means that only ops can type to the channel. All other people are silenced on the channel.
  • /ban <nickname> – Ban a nick by their address from the channel. Banning users also makes them not able to talk in the channel until they either leave, are kicked, or they are unbanned.
  • /kick #teenadvice <nickname> <reason> – Kicks the user with the reason provided. This does not ban them.
  • /kickban <nickname> <reason> – kickbans the person using 2 ban masks. Please watch this when banning AOL users as it will ban ALL AOL users so make sure to unban the mask *!*@*