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Some Ideas for Things to do to Stop Self-harming.

by | Dec 13, 2007 | Self Harm

Here are some ideas for those who would like to stop self harming and those who don’t but should see.

  • Deep breathing relaxation techniques
  • Call a friend, your therapist or a crisis line
  • Try not be alone (visit a friend, go shopping, etc.)
  • Take a hot bath
  • Listen to music
  • Go for a walk
  • Write in a journal
  • Wear an elastic around wrist and snap it when you have the urge to harm yourself
  • Some people find it helpful to draw red lines on themselves with washable markers instead of cutting themselves
  • Hold ice cubes in your hands – the cold causes pain in your hands, but it is not dangerous or harmful (some people find it relieves the urge to harm themselves for that moment)
  • Punching a bed or a pillow (when nothing but a physical outlet for your anger and frustration will work)
  • Scratch
  • Draw a picture on a thick piece of wood or use a screw driver and stab at the piece of wood. (which can be another physical way to release your emotions without harming yourself.)
  • Avoid temptation (e.g.: avoiding areas where the razor blades are kept, etc.)
  • Try to find your own creative ways as outlets for emotions.
  • Stand in a room by yourself and SCREAM at the top of your lungs for as long as it takes for exhaustion to kick in. Then relax.

Learn to confront others/making your own feelings known instead of keeping them inside go outside and scream and yell take up a sport (a form of exercise can help you release tension, etc.) work with paint, clay, play-doo, etc. (the person who suggested this mentioned that they would make a big sculpture and do whatever they wanted to it. They said it was helpful to calm the urge to self-injure, plus it gave them some idea of what might be underlying the pain. draw a picture of what or who is making you angry instead of harming yourself, try massaging the area you want to harm with massage oils or creams, reminding yourself that you are special and you deserve to treat yourself and your body with love and respect go to church or your place of worship wear a pipe cleaner or something that will fit on the places that you injure.

One person did this as a way to remind herself that she could call someone instead of hurting herself and that she had other ways to cope. Break the object that you use to self-injure as a way to show that you have control over it. Write a letter to the person(s) that have hurt you and express how they made you feel. Theses letters do not have to be in perfect form and you do not have to please anyone but yourself. You do not have to give these letters to the people, but it is a great way to release the feelings that you are carrying within. After you write the letters, you can decide then what to do with them.

Some people find destroying the letters help (i.e. tear them up, throw them in a lake, etc.) do some household chores (i.e. cleaning) do some cooking try some sewing, crossstitch, etc. recite a poem, prayer or anything else familiar the comforts you multiple times write down all your positive points and why you do not deserve to be hurt write in your journal why you want to hurt yourself and if you have hurt yourself, write down what caused it to happen so in the future you can prevent it from happenings – or find out what your triggers were Play some kind of musical instrument. Even if you don’t really know how to play, picking out tunes is a way to concentrate and help get rid of the urge to harm yourself. Yoga allows you to cry.

Getting the tears out can make you feel better. It allows the inside to release, as opposed to self abuse. Picture your “ickies” pouring out as you cry. Take a shower write down a word best associated with what you are feeling (i.e. horrible, sad, lonely, angry) and continue to write it down, over and over. Sometimes when you do that, the words looks silly etc., and it puts humor or a smile in your life. sing a song on what you are feeling. It’s another way to get it outside. Shout if you are made, etc. Let the words just come to you. Scribble on paper. Clutch the pen in your fist.

It’s a way to diffuse it on to paper. (Get a few sheets so they don’t tear.) Take item you are self injuring with and use it against something else. For example, if you are using a razor blade, rip it across a towel. Sometimes seeing what “can” be done to an object can make a person think twice about using it on them selves. Can also give the feeling of “doing it”…the tangible aspect. Make a list of reasons why you are going to stop cutting. Every time you get the urge, read the list so you can remind yourself why you shouldn’t. Also remember to put on that list that you do not deserve to hurt yourself. You are important and special and you do not deserve to be hurt

I hope at least some of this does work.

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