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Donate To HelpingTeens

Why should I donate? Will it make any difference?



The staff at HelpingTeens.org has always been committed to providing ALL of our services absolutely free of charge, without polluting our site with annoying banner ads, without employing the use of hidden text links and without the sale of your personal information. No one is excluded or turned down from help. At HelpingTeens.org every teen is given the chance to receive the help they need.

It is an unfortunate reality that the world around us subscribes to a different set of realities and a different set of ideals and is driven by money. We never require your donation for any of our services and regardless of what you decided to do we will try our hardest to help you in any way we can.

Even donating as little as $2 USD can make a difference. This is the equivalent of 2 coffees or 2 chocolate bars.

What are the benefits of donating?

There are a few benefits to donating to HelpingTeens.org including:

  • A chance to give back to the HelpingTeens.org community.
  • Guaranteed inclusion on our site sponsors page (if you wish) if you donate $10 USD or more at one given time.
  • Letters of commendation for helping our cause. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd when it comes time to apply for college.
  • The knowledge and peace of mind that 100% of your donation to HelpingTeens.org will be put to use helping teenagers seeking help.

What are these donations used for?

Very few things in this world are free. We have been very lucky to have been receiving products and services for free, or for very little advertising on the website. Your donations can be used for some or all of following:

  • Promotion of the HelpingTeens.org site.
  • Purchasing of software products needed to run the site.
  • Employing programmers for custom software needed to run the site
  • Site hosting related expenses.
  • Ensuring that this site remains a helpful, non-polluted resource for teens.

Donation Tracking (USD)

Funds In
Funds Out
Current NET Total
$530.18 $347 +$183.18

How can I make a donation?

Donating to HelpingTeens.org is easy. We have many ways of receiving a donation.

  • Secure online transaction via PayPal. With paypal, you can make a donation through Credit Card or Directly through your bank account like a direct deposit or Interac direct payment transaction (if you don’t have a credit card)
  • Cheque or money order through standard postal mail in US or Canadian dollars. Please make the cheque or money order out to Adam Marshall.C/O Adam Marshall
    HelpingTeens.org Growth Fund
    2120 Pelee Blvd.
    Oakville, Ontario, Canada
    L6H 4C7
  • Cash through Postal Mail (Bills, no Coins) – WARNING: IT MAY BE INTERCEPTED AND NEVER REACH HelpingTeens. Please send to the above address. If you are willing to try and send cash through the postal mail, please don’t just stick the cash in an envelope. It will most likely be stolen and never reach HelpingTeens. Instead, please write a quick note and wrap the bill or bills of cash within the letter and then stick the letter in the envelope. This still may be intercepted but the chances of that happening are less than if you just stick the cash in the envelope. (Cash received this way: 6 times so far)

Do you have another way of donating to HelpingTeens.org? If so, we are always grateful to hear your feedback on what we are doing correctly or incorrectly.

Thank you for your support!