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If You Have Been Raped or Abused Please Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Someone About It

by | Jun 22, 2009 | Rape/Abuse

Like the title says, if you have been a victim of rape or sexual abuse, please don’t be ashamed to open up and tell someone. Be it here on HelpingTeens, by calling a hotline from our Rape Resources section, talking to a friend, or opening up to a family member.

You have NO reason to be embarrassed or to feel like people will judge you. Rape and abuse are NEVER the victims fault. No matter what the circumstances. It’s your body. And no means no. Even if you’ve said yes before, even if you said yes when it started, you can always change your mind. No matter what anyone tells you, you CAN.

After rape, girls tend to feel like it is their fault and like they are dirty and no one will understand and that everyone will judge them. Ladies, it’s not true. Though some people may handle it wrong, those who love you will see you through with love and support.

And to any males who have been a victim of rape, I know that you will feel embarrassed, like men never get raped. It’s not true. You are NOT alone in your experiences. No one is going to blame you or tell you that it’s all your fault since you’re a guy. Because that’s simply not true.

So victims, this is my full hearted attempt to tell you that it is OKAY to open up about what has happened to you and to get help. You deserve that.

I hope this helps even just one victim to talk to someone. Talking helps, it begins the healing process.

We’re always around if any of you need to talk. Please don’t keep it bottled up because you’re afraid of how people will react.

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